Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Unbroken - Louis Zamperini's Testimony

"The hardest thing in life is to forgive. Hate is
self-destructive. If you're hate somebody, you are really hurting and hating yourself." 
Louis Zamperini

We all must face our fears in life. It's how you handle them that makes all the difference in the world (your world - your life.) Word?

First of all, I was in the OC(Orange County), spending time with the McDevitt Family, and got a chance to borrow/read the book, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption (2010)
The non-fiction war/drama book, is written by Laura Hillenbrand, a Best Selling Biography.
I loved the book. I laughed, cried and felt Louis Zamperini's pain. Life is a son of a gun (a trip!)
.Mr. Zamperini's life is a testimony to that fact...
All we need to do is keep on giving thanks to the Great I AM, and remember not to give up - no matter what. Yes, keep it moving...

The non-fiction film is Produced and Directed by Angelina Jolie. The film opens Dec 25, 2014 - It is a MUST SEE!
Hillenbrand & Jolie! GO ON! 


Love & light,

Thursday, December 4, 2014

"We Gotta Pray" Alicia Keys

We must treat one another like human beings. Every life counts.
Sending love & light,


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Baccarat Lights up Rodeo Drive - November 23, 2014 - January 2015

Baccarat Chrystal Chandelier -
+GEARYS Beverly Hills 
Did you know that the City of Beverly Hills is lighting up Rodeo Drive tomorrow - 6:00 PM?
Well, now you will just have to bundle up your family/ friends and get on over to Rodeo Drive, between Dayton and Brighton, and get a good spot! You don't want to miss this lovely, FREE event!

YES, Baccarat, in conjunction with the man, the legend, Tom Blumenthal, CEO, GEARYS Beverly Hills and our lovely Mayor Lili Bosse and her crew at the
 City of Beverly Hills, are going to make
Rodeo Drive - BING! BANG! BOOM! with lights,
Honey Child!

Rodeo Drive in the spot light, thanks to Baccarat, and
GEARYS Beverly Hills

Details: GEARYS Beverly Hills |  Baccarat | City of Beverly Hills | 

Love & light,

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Beverly Hils artSHOW - In Full Swing! Oct 18, 19, 2014

Every year, as a matter of fact, twice a year, the City of Beverly Hills brings the city to life with tons of lovely Art - over 240 Artists, food, drink and so much fun - for FREE.
It starts at 10:00am - 5:00 pm.

Photography: City of Beverly Hills
Yesterday was amazing, and today, it's going to be even better! So why don't you take a stroll on over to the Beverly Hills artSHOW? You and your family will love it! Check out what's in store ~

Parking is right across the street in the City of BH Parking Structure

Today the Beverly Hills artSHOW category awards - "Best of Show" and "Most Original Work"
will be announced in front of the Beverly Hills Lily Pond! For more information, please visit

Major sponsors of the October 2014 Beverly Hills artSHOW include:
Keurig Green Mountain Coffee,
Infiniti of Beverly Hills, Sotheby's Real Estate, David Frank Design luxury swings, and
AT & T U-Verse.
The show's charitable partner is Children's Hospital Los Angeles and its sister organization,
Healing Arts Reaching Kids.


#BHartSHOW #TeamBH

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

HAL Awards - 25th Silver Celebration @ Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood

 Ms. Janie Bradford, President/ Founder, HAL Awards is passionate about making sure that the Motown Alumni get together for worthy causes.
Our Youth.
The youth are our present and our future.

The HAL Scholarship Fund provides performance scholarships to students,
raising funds through their 5 Star annual event that is truly FABULOUS!

Who shows up at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel?
People who genuinely love good music and support the arts.
We have so many youth who have dreams of performing in arts and entertainment. So many young men and women visualize being artists, singers and musicians,
and they need mentors - professionals who are established in the industry, thus helping to create future Stars in the music industry.

Fact: Berry Gordy Jr., Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Janie Bradford and
Ethiopia Habtemariam, have created a formula for success in music, and are diligently reaching back to help our youth stay on the right track.
How awesome is that?
Natalie Nicole Gilbert spent the evening on the Red Carpet, chatting with many of the Motown Legends, even spotting 3 generations of Robinsons;
 Claudette Robinson, her Mom and two granddaughters were in the house!
Natalie said, "Beth Griffith's performance was excellent!"

Natalie went on to say, the brightest star of the evening was undoubtedly
Mary Wilson, who confessed her age (70 - she defies her age!) with the sparkling tone of her voice, stepped on to the stage in an elegant gown (that showed some fit legs). Mary Wilson, who was wonderfully down to earth, said,
"Receiving an award singularly on behalf of all three Supremes is lonely business. Our success was built on team efforts."
Mary Wilson also thanked many in the room who contributed to her long career, including
Berry Gordy Jr..
What a lovely evening!

Berry Gordy, Founder, Motown Records,
at HAL Awards Silver Celebration/Awards
@Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood
(All Photography  by Natalie Nicole Gilbert)
Mary Wilson
(The Supremes)
Ethiopia Habtemariam,
Motown Records
Claudette Robinson, Janie Bradford, Founder/CEO, HAL Awards,
  Freda Payne

Take 6 performing live -
These men are bringing it!
The Honorable Judge Craig Strong
Ray Parker Jr.

Claudette Robinson
(The Miracles)
 Beth Griffith, child of Motown's
in house Funk Brother's
Johnny Griffith, got on stage and sang! Check out Yesterday!

Natalie Nicole Gilbert -
Editor-At-Large/ Photographer
I appreciate you, Natalie Nicole Gilbert for covering the 25th Silver Celebration!

Love & light,
On Facebook? Please "Like" HAL Awards | Motown Records  Twitter @Carla_Patra
The Roosevelt Hotel -  on Twitter @hwood_roosevelt
Beth Griffith is represented by: Cheryl Patterson @ Universal Xperience PR

 Special thanks to Debra Burley, President, GlamMediaPR,  for all that you do!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Diana Ross - In The Name of Love Tour - Paramount Theatre September 26, 2014

If' you love Diana Ross like I do, be sure to get your tickets to tomorrow night's concert in Oakland, CA - Paramount Theater! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Motown The Musical - @ Orpheum Theater SF - Last Week - A Must See!

Motown The Musical at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco
Mr. Berry Gordy Jr. has an amazing life, creating Stars that shine so bright!
As Ms. Diana Ross calls him, "BG" - "BG",
Mr. Berry Gordy Jr. is so fascinating!

Can one even imaging the magnitude, bringing into fruition the careers of
Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder,
The Jackson Five, Diana Ross and The Supremes,
Martha Reeves and the Vandellas,
and Marvin Gaye, to name a few....Amazing!
That's what you'll say when you see the lives of these multi-talented people,
who chartered a path via Hitsville USA - Motown - all the way from
The Motor City, Detroit Michigan - to the stage of the Orpheum Theater.
May I suggest that you pick a day this week, and get on over to LAX, -
hop on a jet and have you take the love of your life to dinner and then to see
Motown The Musical,
now playing in San Francisco at the Orpheum Theater
My girl Sherry J. and A.J. went to see the Musical last Tuesday evening, and they said that the conversation between Berry Gordy and Marvin Gaye about letting Marvin Gaye sing, "What's Going On?" It was deep! Marvin Gaye is still very relevant to this day. Thanks Sherry J. and A.J. for your review of Motown The Musical!

Leon Outlaw Jr., Reed L. Shannon - they are amazing as Young Berry Gordy/
Stevie Wonder/Michael Jackson.
Clifton Oliver is excellent as Berry Gordy
Allison Semmes transforms into the impeccable Diana Ross!
Jarran Muse plays Marin Gaye so fierce, until you believe it's Marvin!

Olivia Puckett plays the roles of Claudette Robinson, Marvelette, Billie Jean Brown, Teena Marie to name a few...

Now through September 28th, 2014 they actually have RUSH Tickets!
Pick up a copy of Berry Gordy Junior's autobiography,
"To Be Loved: The Music, The Magic, The Memories of Motown"

Destination? San Francisco, of course!


Friday, September 12, 2014

The Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse - State of The City Address - Greystone Mansion 2014

The Honorable Lili Bosse, Mayor of Beverly Hills *
It couldn't have been a lovelier day, last Wednesday, September 19, 2014, when practically half of the City of Beverly Hills gathered at the Greystone Mansion for "An Evening With The Mayor" -
for the State of the City Address - and let me tell you,  there were over 400 people there! You know what? We couldn't ask for a better person to properly "Represent" the City of Beverly Hills.

The Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse is a woman who is a power to be reckoned with.

This woman hales from a generation of people that sells no wolf tickets.

What I mean is, the Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse stepped into her position, and made a promise to bring about positive changes re: the City of Beverly Hills - and she is making things happen - Captain!

If you'd like to view the video re: the State of the City Address, please visit the City of Beverly Hills' Television Section.

My suggestion? Everyone within a 25 mile radius, put on some running shoes and join
The Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse as a diversity of people gather, unitedly, to "Walk This Way!"
in The City of Beverly Hills, getting familiar with the community at large.#BHHealthyCity

Keep doing YOU Mayor Lili Bosse!

(Thank you, Marianna! You ROCK!)

(* photograph re: Mayor Lili Bosse's Facebook Page)


Please follow the Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse on Twitter @LiliBossi1

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Beverly Hills Farmers' Market (1994-2014)

The City of Beverly Hills is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Beverly Hills Farmers' Market, and you're invited! 

(Register on line and purchase your tickets @ Tickets - Sharing the Bounty

Join the City of Beverly Hills on Thursday, September 18th, 2014
 @5 P.M To 8 P.M. @ Beverly Canon Gardens, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
@ 241 N. Canon Drive ~ Beverly Hills, CA 90210 

Purchase your tickets on line @ Tickets - Sharing the Bounty via the
City of Beverly Hills or call the City of Beverly Hills at 310.285.2532

We are going to have a fabulous evening, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Beverly Hills Farmers' Market! Hope to see you there! 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Motown the Musical" Takes San Francisco's Orpheum Theater & Yoshi's San Francisco - by a Quiet Storm!

Berry Gordy Jr.  a Beverly Hills resident for many years,
has taken to pen, his autobiography entitled:
'To Be Loved: The Music, the Magic, the Memories of Motown'

Detroit, the Motor City, is home of some of the best music in the world - hands down!

Berry Gordy Jr.
  So when you hear the name
Berry Gordy Jr. , one automatically thinks of
Motown - Right? Right!

Diana Ross

I love me some Diana Ross, and have seen her live in concert at Nokia LIVE, and Miss Ross, the Boss, brings it!

The Jackson 5

Smokey Robinson makes my heart skip a beat!
Smokey Robinson
Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5, The Temptations - just to name a few!
Currently on tour around the USA and abroad is the musical based on
Berry Gordy Junior's
autobiography entitled: Motown The Musical, 
'To Be Loved: The Music, the Magic, the Memories of Motown' - Get your copies now!
Berry Gordy Jr.

"To Be Loved: The Music, The Magic, The Memories of Motown" Now playing at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco - September 28, 2014.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Get On UP" - The James Brown Biopic - Executive Produced by Mick Jagger! Opens Friday! (Aug 1, 2014)

I'm not going to spoil it for you - I promise!
I saw the film last night, and simply can't stop thinking about it! Every single character came to the table, BRINGING IT!

When I tell you to purchase your tickets in advance to see a movie - I mean it!

"Get On Up" - The James Brown Biopic, Executive Produced by the none-other-than - Mick Jagger - is truly a heart felt film!

Chadwick Boseman - You done good! You brought
"The God Father of Soul" to life again!  Jill Scott, a.k.a.
Deidre Brown, a.k.a. Dee Dee Brown - GO ON Soul Sista!
You represented!- Now that's all I'm going to say!

The film opens up August 1, 2014 - At a theater near you - so do your thing and "Get On Up" and get your tickets, and we can discuss it further after you see it, okay?

Love & light,

Please follow the cast of "Get On Up" on Twitter:

On Facebook:
Chadwick Boseman
Jill Scott 
Octavia Spencer
Viola Davis

Monday, July 7, 2014

July Is On and Poppin' on Both Coasts!

Now that summer is here and in full swing, what with all of the concerts and events going on, it's time to tie that hair back, braid it up, or rock it all natural - and get on over to some fun in the sunshine! 
Yes, Beverly Hills is located near the great Pacific Ocean,
but hey, there are ponds in Beverly Hills too!
Lily Pond in Beverly Hills, CA 
The Great Lakes in North America
and the 11 Finger Lakes, New York
The Great Lakes of North America
Whether you live by one of the Great Lakes of North America -
(Heron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie = H.O.M.E.S.)
New York's 11 Finger Lakes - just put on something cute, slide into some sandals and head for the nearest lake or Ocean!

Be safe, and have fun!


Friday, July 4, 2014

Head For The Hills This 4th of July!

Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Ranchers Feat. Edie Brickell 
Today America will celebrate Independence Day!  The Founding Fathers loved the UK, but said, enough is enough - let's DO THIS!
What does that mean to you, especially if you were Born in the USA? It means so many things on so many levels...#Gratitude

I believe it's time to head for the Hills - the Hollywood Hills, via the Hollywood Bowl,
 and watch the July 4th Fireworks Spectacular with Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Rangers Featuring Edie Brickell. Should be safe and fun!

The Hollywood Bowl 


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ruby Dee - Thank You!

Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee ~
Cannes Festival,  for Spike Lee's film, "Do The Right Thing" (1989)
photography - David Lee 
Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis were married for 56 years. Solid as a rock. That is truly the kind of love that warms my heart and lets me know that that generation of men and women? They knew how to work things out with love and mutual respect for one another. Like my grandparents, who were married for 51 years, love and mutual respect, was the glue that kept them together.

Ruby Dee was Mother, Wife, American Activist, actress, playwright, screenwriter, and journalist. Ms. Dee won an Emmy, Grammy, and an Obie Award. 

Most noted for the roll of Ruth, in
 Lorraine Hansberry's
"A Raisin in the Sun" Screen Play -1959)
and the film, "A Raisin in the Sun "(1961)
Director Spike Lee's  
"Do The Right Thing" (1989)
Ruby Dee also received the National Medal of Arts and the Kennedy Center Honors.
At the age of 83, she played Mama Lucas in "American Gangster", where she played Denzel Washington's character's Mom, and received a Screen Actors Guild award for Mama Lucas. Nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, next to Gloria Stuart, in the movie, "Titanic" - at the glorious age of 87!
Well, Alright!

In an interview with NPR, Ruby Dee mentioned how she'd like to be remembered:
"In those little flashes of moments...that picks up from some moments of despair."
Rest in Peace, Ruby Dee.
(Ruby Dee - Oct 27, 1922 - June 11, 2014)

Thank you, Ruby Dee, for being a trail blazer for generations to come - as a Mother, Wife, Activist, playwright - and a woman of worth. True to your life, we must value our selves. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Today is one of those days that, in my opinion, should be celebrated everyday.
I remember as a little girl, my Father would pick me up and put me on his shoulders, and our entire family would take walks through Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco, and I could touch the tree branches.
I thought to myself, "My Daddy is as tall as the trees!"
My Father use to say, "You're the apple of my eye!"
My matrilineal Grandfather would pick me up, kiss me on my forehead and always said,,
"Baby Doll, I love you!"
Those very words from the two men that I knew as my rock, my tall tree = my super-heroes still warm my heart today.
My father, Albert, and Grandfather, Stokes, made a world of difference in my life.
Both men told me that I was born at the right time.
My Father said, "You were planned and you were wanted!" He would say,
"I now have a son and a daughter!"
Baby Doll
(Beth Strong Photography, LA,CA)
I was the first Granddaughter. I remember the earliest reflections of my Grandfather.
I must have been around 18 months old, and he was sitting on the couch and I jumped off of the couch and was running around, and my Mother was trying to take a photo of both of us. My Mother picked me up and sat me down next to my Grandfather, and I was so tickled! I laughed so hard, and my heart felt so full of love!
I ran across that photo, and I told my Mother that I remembered that day. She said, "What did you remember?" I said, "I remember what you had on that day, what Grandfather had on that day, and the lay out of the house."
 My Mother was amazed. She said, "You must have remembered that, because we've never discussed it, and your Grandparents moved out of that house before you turned 2 years old!"  I had to remember those moments in my early childhood. Those wonderful childhood memories have comforted me, even carried me through some difficult times over the years.

Both men have laid down with my Ancestors many years ago.
My Dad passed exactly one week after 9/11 - 9.18.11.
My Grandfather passed 1.20.'83.

But to me?
They're in my heart (figuratively- and DNA(literally.)

So for me, everyday is Father's Day!....Enjoy!
#BethStrongPhotography #Father #Grandfather #BabyGirl #AppleofmyEye #Family #Love #TeamBH 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Juneteenth Festival Celebrations - LA and San Francisco Style!

There is so much to see and do this weekend! If you are in Los Angeles, stop on by Leimert Park and celebrate their 5th Annual Juneteenth Festival! (Emancipation Proclamation) And San Francisco's 64th Annual Juneteenth Festival!
Historical Perspective:  President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, Juan 1, 1863 - abolishing slavery in the United States.  It was during the month of June, 1865, that commemorates the abolition of slavery in the United States of Texas
(2 years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Why? Because Texas wasn't having it
After the war ended, news traveled very slowly through the Southern parts of the United States of America, African Americans were indeed,

African Americans were freed from 
 captivity - 15 generations of a people - human beings, classified as human capital, chattel
(cows, horses, pigs)
 These human beings, held in captivity, were used as labor, building what we now know as this beautiful enterprising country called America.  Come, celebrate Emancipation Proclamation - in Los Angeles and
San Francisco this weekend!
Truly, Carla 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Jazz in Beverly Hills ~ It Don't Mean A Thing, If It Ain't Got That Swing!

Did you know that there's a series of Concerts on Canon Drive? Conveniently located in the
Beverly Cañon Gardens , every Sunday....Oh yeah.....

Next Jazz Session? Thursday, June 12, 2014, 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm ~
Don't miss Jazz vocalist Amanda Castro, of The Amanda Castro Band,
featuring New Orleans style Jazz,and Blues, from 1920's and 1930's ~ With some Latin influence -
In Full Swing!
Jazz Vocalist Amanda Castro 

"The Amanda Castro Band is not just a performance, it's a show!" ~ One of a myriad of The Amanda Castro Jazz Band Fans!


The Beverly Canon Gardens, located at 241 N. Cañon Drive, adjacent to the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel ~ 225 N. Cañon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Photograph taken from Amanda Castro Band's Facebook Page - Please "Like" 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Mornings in Beverly Hills

It's Sunday morning, and it's high time to get up and take an early morning walk throughout the city of
Beverly Hills. Make sure to stop by the Beverly Canon Gardens, located at 241 N. Canon Drive -
It's so beautiful!Next stop? Head North on Beverly Drive, and walk on over to the historic Lily Pond,
one of the City's first landmarks - which is located at 225 S. Canon Drive...lovely.
Beverly Canon Gardens, adjacent to the Montage Beverly Hills -
Absolutely beautiful!
Beverly  Gardens Park - Lily Pond 

Enjoy your Sunday!
Love & light,

(photos credit: 
City of Beverly Hills website)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

WKRP in Cincinnati - Thirty-Fifith Anniversary ~ Re-Union in Beverly Hills @ The Paley Center For Media

WKRP in Cincinnati! Do you all remember that T.V. Show? I use to love it!
What are you all doing this evening (6.5.14) @ 7:00 pm)?
If you're in the Beverly Hills area, please stop on by The Paley Center For Media, and become a part of the WKRP in Cincinnati
Re-Union in Beverly Hills ~ We are delighted to welcome the entire cast to the City Beverly Hills!

Hugh Wilson, Creator/Executive Producer,
"WKRP in Cincinnati"
In Person Tonight @ 7:00pm
The entire cast of "WKRP in Cincinnati"
Howard Hesseman, "Johnny 'Dr. Fever' Caravella"
Loni Anderson, "Jennifer Marlowe"
Tim Reid,
"Venus Flytrap"
Jan Smithers, "Bailey Quarters"
Hugh Wilson, Creator/Executive Producer
Loni Anderson, "WKRP in Cincinnati"

It's going to be such a lovely evening! I hope that you can join in on the fun!
For tickets and information - 465 N. Beverly Drive| Beverly Hills, CA| 90210
+The Paley Center for Media | 310.786.1000

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dr. Maya Angelou - "A Song Flung Up to Heaven"

Guy B. Johnson & his Mom, Dr. Maya Angelou
"Perhaps it is just as well that you do not write an autobiography.
To write memoir as literature is almost impossible." James Baldwin Those were the very words that motivated Dr. Maya Angelou to write,
"I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings".

Marguerite Johnson - Maya Angelou burst upon the American scene, April 4, 1928.  Mother, Author, Poet, Dancer, Film Producer, Tony Award winner and Grammy Winner. She did it all before laying down with our ancestors on May 28, 2014.
Dr. Maya Angelou =
Strength, Courage, Wisdom
Dr. Maya Angelou attended my Alma mater,
George Washington Sr. High in San Francisco, CA
I love this photo of Dr. Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King +NASDAQ 

Dr. Maya Angelou's Autobiography
"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"

"When people tell you who they are, believe them." Dr. Maya Angelou

Dr. Maya Angelou
These are MUST READS written by
 Dr. Maya Angelou -
"I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings",
"A Song Flung Up to Heaven"
"The Heart of a Woman"
Video -
"Blacks Blues Black" (A Series of 10 -1 hour programs on the impact of the various African Cultures on arts/music/life -  episodes written and produced by
Dr. Maya Angelou on KQED, 1968)

When I read the book, "A Song Flung Up to Heaven", it took me places I'd never been before. As with all of Dr. Maya Angelou's works, I've learned and grown so much.

Thank you, Dr. Maya Angelou for all of the words of wisdom that you've shared with me as a teenager in San Francisco, CA at the beautiful Herbst Theatre. I really appreciate you sharing your brother, Bailey, and son, Guy B. Johnson's life with me, allowing me to ask how they were doing and knowing that I was sincere.
Those two men were so real to me - and I was only 16!
Thank you for being a light, shining so bright in this world. Words can be so healing....R.I.P. Dr. Maya Angelou . My condolences to Guy B. Johnson.
Love & light,

Monday, May 26, 2014

What Memorial Day Means

Each Memorial Day, it's a time for me to reflect on my life. There are so many people who have died in the line of duty, serving the USA. So many men and women have survived the atrocity of war. Wars started because of religious beliefs, love of ones Country, betrayal of friends - this is never ending. One war after another, War of 1812, WWI, WWII, Vietnam War, Iraq War - Operation Desert Storm, etc.
My Dad is buried @ Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, CA 
In The Navy
My Dad was in the Navy, and served the USA during the Vietnam War. His ship docked in San Francisco during the 60's. They would dock in San Francisco, so far away from Chicago, Il, where he was raised.
My Dad was proud to be in the Navy, and took all of his missions seriously, not telling us why he was in Cuba, or China - just sending gifts to my Mom. My Dad said that the trips/missions were classified.
He loved being an American, and took his military expeditions to the grave.

Sitting on the Doc of the Bay
Yes, my Dad was "Sitting on the Doc of the Bay". He met my Mom, they got married, and the rest is history. I was born in San Francisco, CA - the 31st State to be admitted to the Union, at Letterman General Hospital located on the Presidio Army Base - right near the Golden Gate Bridge. This was after my Dad had served his time in the US Military. It all seems like yesterday when my Dad would take us to
Golden Gate Park to play - everyday. We were happy children, and knew that our Parents loved us, and made sure that we had well balanced lives.

Letterman General Hospital., located on the Presidio Army Base,
in San Francisco, CA 
My father was in a terrible car accident that rendered him a quadriplegic he lived, paralyzed from the neck down, for 31 years. Every year, he showed us all why we should be grateful for life.
He died September 18, 2001, from complications due to his major organs shutting down.
R.I.P. Daddy.
My Dad taught me to appreciate life - be grateful for the little things in life, like touching ones nose, or scratching ones head. My advice? Value others. Learn to forgive and Live.Your.Life.....Pray for Peace - (Daniel 2:44, Rev 21:4, 5)

Truly with love & light,

Friday, May 16, 2014

Beverly Hills Heritage - A New Preservation Group in Beverly Hills!

Educate. Advocate. Celebrate.

Los Angeles Conservancy  celebrated the launch of a new preservation group for the City of Beverly Hills - Beverly Hills Heritage! What an honor to have at the helms of Beverly Hills Heritage, Native Californian ~ A truly remarkable, kind, super intelligent woman from Beverly Hills, Kimberly Vinokur-Reiss  - and staff! Congratulations!

Juanita Palacios-Sims said that the event was in full swing when she and her husband, Oliver arrived, and there were so many people there to celebrate the momentous event, held at Partners Trust Real Estate, Beverly Hills - how wonderful! On hand to celebrate the launch of Beverly Hills Heritage was
The Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse, who looked absolutely fabulous - as usual!

For more information on how you can share in the conservation of the beautiful City of Beverly Hills via Beverly Hills Heritage, please visit their website:  on Facebook: BeverlyHillsHeritage on Twitter@BHHeritage 

Rosemary Hilb, Kimberly Vinokur Reiss, Founder, President, Beverly Hills Heritage,
The Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse and Annette Saleh

Mrs. Kimberly Venokur-Reiss, and her
brilliant husband, Mr. Ben Reiss

Far left to right: Kimberly Vinokur-Reiss,President, Founder, Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission,  Rebecca Pynoos, Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission, Trudi Sandmeier, Director, Graduate Programs in Heritage Conservation USC School of Architecture, Rich Waldo, Chair- Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission, Maralee Beck, Vice-Chair, Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission, Noah Furie, Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission, Lili Bosse, Mayor, Beverly Hills, Bill Crouch, Urban Planner, City of Beverly Hills, Cindy Olnick, Director of Communications, Los Angeles Conservancy, Carol Lemlein, President Santa Monica Conservancy, Adrian Scott Fine, Director of Advocacy, Los Angeles Conservancy, Holly Kane, Masters of Historic Preservation/Lecturer, USC, Steven Keylon, The Cultural Landscape Foundation. 
 Mrs. Juanita Palacios-Sims, Founder, CEO, International Society of Black Latinos(,
Editor At Large, ,
and her lovely husband, Mr. Oliver Sims
Kimberly Vinokur- Reiss, Founder, President, Beverly Hills Heritage
and Fauna Hodel, Author, Film Producer - Fauna's Charity Sizzle Report
Water Sommelier Martin Riese and John Gluck Founder, President
Beverly Hills Drink Company9OH2O

Photography provided by: Stephen Russo, GCS Productions  |
Zale Richard Rubins 2014 Beverly Hills Heritage 501(c)3          Catering Provided byBristol Farms | Water Sommalier: 9OH2O 

A special Thank you to Juanita Palacios-Sims and her husband, Oliver Sims for being the kind, thoughtful people that you are!

Truly, Carla