Saturday, September 29, 2007

Get Up and on it!

It's Saturday morning, and I am so glad to wake up and see the beautiful Sun!
I got that up and on it from KJLH Radio, when Stevie Wonder, and the fabulous 6(the team of D.J.s) ask the radio family, every Thursday, during the Stevie Wonder Morning Thunder Thousand Dollar Thursday! session.
What a positive program! So, I love to call my family, and ask, " Are you up and on it!?"

It's time for me to throw some water up, and run under it, and get out the door!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dr. Asa. Hilliard III

Dominique DiPrima had an excellent show this morning(as usual) on KJLH or 102.3 fm. She had Runoko Rashidi, a historian who has written several books regarding Ancient African History throughout the Diaspora. One could describe Rashidi as, and I quote, "...a historian
a writer and traveler engaged in a love affair with Africa."

When I tuned in, they were talking about Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III. Rashidi was discussing the fact that Dr. Hilliard recently died while lecturing in Egypt from complications of Malaria and diabetes. I felt compelled to call in to the radio station, because I knew Dr. Hilliard, and studied Ancient African History in Cairo, Egypt, in 1988. Dr. Ivan Van Sertima and his wife Jackie were apart of the lecture series as well.

While studying in KEMET(Egypt), Asa made sure that we were grounded it knowledge and truth. He made sure that we all knew without a doubt, that KEMET(Egypt) was the land of black people. He made sure that we knew the importance of "knowing thy self". And without a name, you cannot exist.

I got a chance to know Asa, his wife and daughter, and I truly love what they stand for. I love them for caring about their fellow man enough to educate us, the same way that a parent would educate their child.
I am grateful that my Mother, sister and I went to Egypt back in 1988, and was apart of Dr. Hilliard's Holy Royal Family.

Dominque and I took a class at San Francisco State University, where we were introduced to a book called "Stolen Legacy", by George. G. James. Dr. Hilliard wrote the introduction. I agreed with Dominique. That class changed my perception of things, and opened my eyes too. I grew as a result of that class(Dr. Richard King was the Professor, and the class was called Blacks in Scientific Development) - it was deep!

Yes, indeed, I am a life long student, and I keep growing Higher and Higher! You can too!