Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ella Fitzgerald

I absolutely love Ella Fitzgerald! If you get a chance, please stop by the official Ella Fitzgerald website -

Love/Peace/Happiness to you and yours in 2010!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mouths / Lips / Tongues / Voices

Right this very moment I just want to cry. There are so many things going on in this world, and we all must pick and choose our battles. So, that is what I am doing. I'd rather win the war then this single fight.

Can you imagine what would happen if everyone did and said exactly what they felt like doing/saying? The world would be an even more chaotic place.

We, as individuals, are in charge of our mouths/lips/tongues/voices; No one else. So, when you give wings to thoughts, via speech, you must know that who ever the benefactor is, he/she/they will hear your words ( if someone is listening).

With that in mind, I will take a deep breath and exhale and read another chapter in J. California Cooper's book, " Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime" - and sip on my java and chocolate chip cookies...Goodnight C

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Food for Thought

It is kind of cool and chilly here in Southern California (55 Fahrenheit) this time of the year. So, what I like to do is pop in a few good movies and we sit around and watch a few of our favorites - old and new. This evening, we're watching the fairly recent Oscar winning "Slum Dog Millionaire" again. You know why? Well, this film, in particular, makes me think about a few people that I've met years ago that still cross my mind, and for whatever reason, I simply can't forget them. Really. Some of you might know what I mean.

You see, there are some people in this world that can put a smile on your face when you think of them. Just the mere idea of seeing them in the future, be it today, tomorrow or next month, makes you glad. In my lifetime, I've had the pleasure of knowing people who fall into that criteria - you know the type - the happiness slot.

Well, for me, it's like when you attend a reunion, be it a family reunion or a high school reunion in anticipation of seeing or being reunited with relatives or old acquaintances. As the date gets closer and closer for the event to occur, you just get happy!

I wish that I could bottle up that feeling and sell it in the form of an aromatherapy essential oil, or something that you could spritz on to your ear lobes, and daub on to your writs and as you go about your usual day, people around you inhale the feeling - the aromatic scent as it were - and they are then taken away to that happy place - a place that makes one more productive in all areas of life - wouldn't that be great?