Monday, December 24, 2012

Narada Michael Walden Foundation - 16th Annual Holiday Jam 2012 - 142 Throckmorton Theater, Mill Valley

Santa Clause (Narada Michael Walden) , Some of the children who are mentored
@MNW Foundation and their parents
Tony Baez, Philanthropist, Sammy Hagar (The Red Rocker)
 The theme was "Beach Party Freak Out!" and even the rain couldn't stop us! It was so nice, as we entered the lovely Throckmorton Theater, in Mill Valley, CA.,  we were each warmly greeted and given a Hawaiian Lei.
Straight up Rock, Pop and R&B LEGENDS showed up and showed out @ The Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, CA - to support The Narada Michael Walden Foundation. I mean, it was the Jam of all Jam sessions!
 Sammy Hagar, Tom Johnston - The Doobie Brothers,
Lara Johsnton,
Jeanie Tracy, SakaiNikita Germaine,
Tony Lindsey, Kelly Covington, Angela Bofill just to name a few!
Tony Lindsey (Brilliant)

Craig,  The Cutest Elf, Malcolm Baez, Santa Claus (Narada Michael Walden - Genius),
Sammy Hagar (Rock Legend)
Student of the Year, Caroline "Sky" Miskovsky with her Dad and Narada Michael Walden
Student of the Year, Caroline "Sky" Miskovsky
who has a beautiful voice and performed with her Dad playing the guitar, dedicated time and energy to supporting the
Narada Michael Walden Foundation.

Narada Michael Walden truly loves children, and the children love him as well.

Every year, the Narada Michael Walden Foundation's Annual Jam supports Music Education For Bay Area Youth. As we are all aware, due to a multitude of budget cuts in the school district, so many Arts and Music programs have limited funds or have had to cut the programs all together.

That's where Narada Michael Walden Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, steps up to the helms and partners with other organizations that provide music education, instruments, and mentoring to children, as well as providing scholarships for aspiring musicians.

One could feel the love and light floating all around the Throckmorton Theater!

Santa Claus was saying, " Ho! Ho! Ho!Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!" - (Narada Michael Walden's Angelic face and amber/hazel colored eyes were full of light, peeking out from under that Santa Claus outfit) and he was just a joy to watch! The children were so happy and ran to him and gathered all around him!

The talented Foundation Singers performed with the beautiful, Angela Bofill  - yes, her melodic voice was strong - she sang like a song bird. Welcome back, Angela!

7 Drummer Boys w/ Sammy Hagar, Santa Claus (Narada Michael Walden)
photo by Dan Gallemore @Flickr
We all could feel the positive energy flowing through the Throckmorton Theatre, and you know what?

Narada Michael Walden was the BEST Santa Claus I've ever seen!

Santa's Helpers were: Malcolm Baez, who got up on stage and dance dance danced and looked adorable in his little Elf costume! Marguerite "Momo" Kaufman, Colette Tate and Jamie Williams were the cutest little girls that you'd ever want to see!
It truly was a joy to watch all the children on stage - but I loved the
7 Little Drummer Boys with their wash boards attached to them - and they played them, as well as their drums that were provided by
The Narada Michael Walden Foundation.

Let me pause for a minute, I've got to put on some more Sammy Hagar | Chickenfoot.
Go ON! The Red Rocker! Did I mention that this LEGEND was running around, looking good?!

The Board of Directors: 
President & Founder: Narada Michael Walden
Vice President: Merl Saunders, Jr.
Treasurer: Sandy Monticelli
Secretary: Merry Alberigi
Richard Pechner

Lucy Mercer
Carlos Santana
Rita Gentry

Performing Stars of Marin
Marin School of the Arts
San Francisco Academy of Art

All Star Cast
Shauna Bofill, Jeff Watson, Dr. Elmo, "Dancing Doc" aka Dr. David Laub, Derek Evans,
Carolyn "Sky" Miskovsky, Jimmy & Kelli Dillon, Manuel Romero,
Janice Macie Reid, Kimrea, Alex Coltharp, Angeline Saris, Diane Vitalich

The Narada Michael Walden Band:
Frank Martin -Keys
Gary Brown - Bass
Cedric Dennis - Guitar
Mathew Charles Heulitt - Guitar
Wayne Wallace - Trombone
Louis Fasman - Trumpet
Jeff Eaton - Trumpet
Ray Clement - Sax
Marc Russo - Sax
Bob Knapp - Sax
James Henry - Percussion
Lynn Asher & Narada Michael Walden

Andre Theirry and the Performing Stars Zydeco Boys:
Keith Callahan, Kevin Callahan, Oseil Mezariegos, Charlie Rodriguez,
Marsean Sanders, Daesean Sanders, Sean Tyler

Foundation Singers:

Carina Alberigi, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Comer, Eva Huzella, Nicolette "Nico" Huzella, Maya Hernandez,
Camille Lummis, Clair Lyons, Lila McKinley, Gabriella "Gigi" Munroe,Camille Rosenthal, Annie Sherer

Marin School of the Arts Jazz Band:
Marie Barrolaza, Colby Chipman, Kenny Fielder, Chris Gleckman,
Milo Horstman, Jasmin Reyes, Celina Ventanilla

Prince Brian Christian Anderson and the London Knights:
Nick Poole Joshua Cobb

Dancers of H'alau Na Pua O ka La'akea'
Maestro Michael Morgan of the Oakland East Bay Symphony 

Shout out to Nancy Johnson, Board President of (MCCSD) Marin City, CA!

You know it's a good thing when you walk into a venue and every age demographic is represented
I mean, toddlers and their grandparents were in the house to enjoy some authentic, home grown,
Rock N' Roll, Jazz, Be-Bopping, Toe Tapping, finger snapping Rhythm & Blues!

Do your self a favor.
Visit/ Volunteer / Make a donation to: The Narada Michael Walden Foundation - it can make a difference, enriching a child's life.

It was the kind of evening that touches your Soul.

Be sure to watch the Narada Michael Walden Foundation Holiday Show, airs on Comcast - 12/24 - 12/25 Christmas Eve and Christmas day 8:00 pm PST. (please check your local listing)

Bananas At Large, Piattie Ristorante & Bar, Laub Dermatology & Aesthetics, RaFael Florists,
Mendocino Brewing CO, Pelo Cycling * Fitness, Minuteman Press, Halau Hula Na Pua O Ka La'akea

Love & light,

All photos are the expressed property of  Narada Michael Walden Foundation and or
Dan Gallemore @ 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Let The Kids Grow Foundation - Children Are Our Present And Our Future

It truly is a remarkable thing when you have someone who is actually in your corner, and they prove it by their actions.

That's what Simin Hashemizadeh and Percy "Master P" Miller, founders of
Let The Kids Grow Foundation, are doing for our youth. No rhetoric. Straight up action.

This remarkable team (Simin H. and Percy "Master P" Miller) decided to start a foundation that positively causes change in a child's life immediately, through a safe after-school program.
Know thy Self = Equipping the children with knowledge, thus empowering our youth with the proper skills that they need to excel.

Let The Kids Grow Foundation is a non-profit organization that is putting their actions into words. Please support their efforts. After all, the children are our present and our future!

Pm Saturday, Dec 1, 2012, Simin Hashemizadeh and Percy "Master P" Miller are honoring Tyler Perry, Nick Cannon, UsherRomeo MillerDwight HowardKirstie Alley, Big Boy,
Dr. Ralph Mayer and Dr. Shahrad Rahban, at a Black Tie Celebrity Dinner, at a private location in Beverly Hills.
Here's hoping that your heart will compel you to reach into your wallet and support such a worthy event. For details, please contact: or email them @

Let The Kids Grow Foundation's Black Tie Celebrity Event 12.1.12
Love & light to you!