Tuesday, September 12, 2017

LucasFilm | Disney | KaBoom! - Building Playgrounds for The Children in SF!

What happens when Patricia Scott, Executive Director of
 Booker T. Washington Community Service Center  puts out a request in the San Francisco, CA, Community, to join forces to build a playground for under served children?  I give you one guess.

You guessed it - The Force shows up!

Yes, George Lucas' crew @ #LucasFilm arrives early in the morning, with tools in hand, they got busy with the community, sleeves pushed up, working shoulder to shoulder, to create a playground,
a safe haven for the community. A play space where a mother can take her children to play, and not be concerned with bullets flying over head as her children do what they do - play!
(Kaboom! There it is!)
After all, as children, isn't playtime one of their most important jobs /activities?
ABC7 News Crew, LucasFilm Crew, and volunteers
from the community -  all working to build
 Kaboom! Playground in San Francisco, CA
(photo by @MimiKwan #ABC7Now @ABC7)

BTWCSC builds a playground w/ LucasFilm, Disney, ABC7
for the children.
The children in the BTWSCS playground, built by
LucasFilm, Disney, ABC7, Kaboom!

Kaboom! came to the scene, ready to build a
playground for the children @ BTWCSC 

Disney, LucasFilm, ABC7, Kaboom! All to the rescue, building a playground
for the children in the Fillmore District, in San Francisco, CA

The BTWCSC Mission
"The BTWCSC mission is to support and maintain a healthy and vibrant community offering services and programs designed to reduce social, health, economic and education disparities that challenge the people we serve - primarily low income children and their families. " - BTWCSC
It was really nice meeting BOD member, Phillip Stone, Esq, Treasurer, who migrated to
San Francisco in 1948, during the "Great Black Migration" From the South.
I also met some wonderful people who pour their hearts into helping those without a voice, get a voice. Irene Dillard, was the first person that I met, when I arrived at Booker T. Washington Community Service Center, and she was lovely. I was introduced to BOD members, Andrea Patton-Housley, Secretary, LeKesha Howard, Traditional Aged Youth Specialist - Hats off to all of you at #BTWCSC for all that you do for the community. We see you!

Kaboom! Mission - Vision
"All kids get the childhood they deserve filled with balanced and active play, so they can thrive."  Kaboom! Provides the necessary tools to create "play for kids everywhere...because play matters".
- Kaboom!

LucasFilm | Disney | ABC7 - Mission 
George Lucas, founder of the space opera franchise, Star Wars. Brilliant!
Walt Disney, A leader in the American animation industry, hands down, okay?

People in the San Francisco, CA got together for a common cause; the children in the community -  and let me tell you, the "Force" was with us! and it was a beautiful thing,

Yes, LucasFilm | Disney | @abc7KaBoom! ~ Stepped up to the helms and collaborated with the Booker T. Washington Community Center, and came up with a tight game plan! The Star Wars crew was in the house, and they got the job done! Thanks all you Stormtroopers!

In lieu of what's been happening in the news lately, with all of the natural disasters, #HurricaneHarvey and #HurricaneIrma -  please stay tuned to the Bay Area's on Super Hero, Meteorologist @MikeNicco7 @ABC7 for the latest weather. We've been having our own quiet storms in the Bay Area. Thundering and lightning, snap crackling and popping off the chain! But through it all, may we all stay prayerful, practice kindness, and keep in mind that working together to get through the storms, is what it's all about.

May the Force be with you!