Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr. - A Legacy

I got up first thing this morning and made note of all of the things that I am grateful for:
 1. Waking up this morning 2. Having my health and strength
3. Knowing the true God Jehovah 4. Knowing thy-Self 5. Staying conscious 6. Having a great support system i.e. family and friends
7. Being capable of loving 8. Helping others
9. Being able to laugh, sing and dance and love!
10. Knowing what is real and what isn't.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Stood for something. He rocked the world with his greater since of mutual respect for all of humanity. He lived his life, making conscious choices, working towards "the greater good" of mankind. He preached the importance of judging one by the "content of their character" - not their skin type. That is deep.

Thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and those that marched with you, and those that existed before you,  that paved the way so that I can try and make this place a better space for the generations that follow...

I got up this morning,  April 4, 2012, got all dressed up and listened to some Stevie Wonder and had a glow and an inner smile in my heart. Reflecting on a day, not so long ago, that my friend Debbie came by my office and we went to lunch - Italian food. Debbie is conscious of the ugliness that has plagued this nation for generations, racism, a disease that has caused the demise of so many people. So, my friend Debbie, brought me a flower, to celebrate MLK's B-Day. We, as friends, are living the  MLK Jr. Dream. She and I smiled and reflected on the fact that not so long ago, 30 years ago or so, we could not have shared the same table. Why? Because she is a blond hair blue eyed white
(Anglo-Saxon descent) American, and I am an black (West African descent) American.
Today it was not even an issue as we entered the restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA.,  and sat down to
"break bread". Now, that's progress!

Today, due to the many sacrifices of so many black, white, red, yellow and brown Americans -
we can sit down to a meal and not get arrested. We can live together as neighbors and not harm one another. You see, as fellow human beings, we have more in common then we have differences.
Let's think about how we can come together and let go of the hatred that is being stirred up like embers from a flame that burns in a low undertone here in the USA, and just when it looks like the flames have died, someone waves the flames, hoping to re-ignite the fire. Enough.
Let's reflect on the life one man, that died in the name of progress, so that you and I can live and work, shoulder to shoulder, helping one another, not trying to destroy each other.

Let's have more respect for one another, be patient with one another, feed one another kindness - shall we? 

Love & light, C
(updated/edited/from a 2/09 post | no intentional copyright infringement.)