Monday, July 27, 2015

'Stop Eating CRAP' - Andrea Chasse-Galbreath

"Be the Champion of your own health and happiness."
That is precisely what Author, Health & Lifestyles Consultant, Fitness Professional
and Mother of 3,  Andrea Chasse-Galbreath shows you how to do in her recently released book,
 'STOP Eating CRAP'.

There are dreamers, and there are doers. Andrea Chasse-Galbreath is a doer.

Andrea Chasse-Galbreath shares her 15 year battle with healthy living and
weight-loss/control in her book, 'Stop Eating Crap'.

When you meet people like Andrea Chasse-Galbreath, and then get the opportunity to workout with her, you realize that Moms can truly manage the family, rearing children and stay on top of their health at the same time.

 In the book, 'STOP Eating CRAP',
Andrea Chasse-Galbreath helps others who are concerned about their heath, get a grip on their lives - teaching them to #StopEatingCrap

Andrea Chasse-Galbreath, Author, Health & Lifestyles Consultant 
Words to live by. - Arthur Ashe
 Do yourself a favor and do what I did - get a copy of  Stop Eating Crap.
                                      You will be so glad you did!

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