Monday, December 24, 2012

Narada Michael Walden Foundation - 16th Annual Holiday Jam 2012 - 142 Throckmorton Theater, Mill Valley

Santa Clause (Narada Michael Walden) , Some of the children who are mentored
@MNW Foundation and their parents
Tony Baez, Philanthropist, Sammy Hagar (The Red Rocker)
 The theme was "Beach Party Freak Out!" and even the rain couldn't stop us! It was so nice, as we entered the lovely Throckmorton Theater, in Mill Valley, CA.,  we were each warmly greeted and given a Hawaiian Lei.
Straight up Rock, Pop and R&B LEGENDS showed up and showed out @ The Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, CA - to support The Narada Michael Walden Foundation. I mean, it was the Jam of all Jam sessions!
 Sammy Hagar, Tom Johnston - The Doobie Brothers,
Lara Johsnton,
Jeanie Tracy, SakaiNikita Germaine,
Tony Lindsey, Kelly Covington, Angela Bofill just to name a few!
Tony Lindsey (Brilliant)

Craig,  The Cutest Elf, Malcolm Baez, Santa Claus (Narada Michael Walden - Genius),
Sammy Hagar (Rock Legend)
Student of the Year, Caroline "Sky" Miskovsky with her Dad and Narada Michael Walden
Student of the Year, Caroline "Sky" Miskovsky
who has a beautiful voice and performed with her Dad playing the guitar, dedicated time and energy to supporting the
Narada Michael Walden Foundation.

Narada Michael Walden truly loves children, and the children love him as well.

Every year, the Narada Michael Walden Foundation's Annual Jam supports Music Education For Bay Area Youth. As we are all aware, due to a multitude of budget cuts in the school district, so many Arts and Music programs have limited funds or have had to cut the programs all together.

That's where Narada Michael Walden Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, steps up to the helms and partners with other organizations that provide music education, instruments, and mentoring to children, as well as providing scholarships for aspiring musicians.

One could feel the love and light floating all around the Throckmorton Theater!

Santa Claus was saying, " Ho! Ho! Ho!Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!" - (Narada Michael Walden's Angelic face and amber/hazel colored eyes were full of light, peeking out from under that Santa Claus outfit) and he was just a joy to watch! The children were so happy and ran to him and gathered all around him!

The talented Foundation Singers performed with the beautiful, Angela Bofill  - yes, her melodic voice was strong - she sang like a song bird. Welcome back, Angela!

7 Drummer Boys w/ Sammy Hagar, Santa Claus (Narada Michael Walden)
photo by Dan Gallemore @Flickr
We all could feel the positive energy flowing through the Throckmorton Theatre, and you know what?

Narada Michael Walden was the BEST Santa Claus I've ever seen!

Santa's Helpers were: Malcolm Baez, who got up on stage and dance dance danced and looked adorable in his little Elf costume! Marguerite "Momo" Kaufman, Colette Tate and Jamie Williams were the cutest little girls that you'd ever want to see!
It truly was a joy to watch all the children on stage - but I loved the
7 Little Drummer Boys with their wash boards attached to them - and they played them, as well as their drums that were provided by
The Narada Michael Walden Foundation.

Let me pause for a minute, I've got to put on some more Sammy Hagar | Chickenfoot.
Go ON! The Red Rocker! Did I mention that this LEGEND was running around, looking good?!

The Board of Directors: 
President & Founder: Narada Michael Walden
Vice President: Merl Saunders, Jr.
Treasurer: Sandy Monticelli
Secretary: Merry Alberigi
Richard Pechner

Lucy Mercer
Carlos Santana
Rita Gentry

Performing Stars of Marin
Marin School of the Arts
San Francisco Academy of Art

All Star Cast
Shauna Bofill, Jeff Watson, Dr. Elmo, "Dancing Doc" aka Dr. David Laub, Derek Evans,
Carolyn "Sky" Miskovsky, Jimmy & Kelli Dillon, Manuel Romero,
Janice Macie Reid, Kimrea, Alex Coltharp, Angeline Saris, Diane Vitalich

The Narada Michael Walden Band:
Frank Martin -Keys
Gary Brown - Bass
Cedric Dennis - Guitar
Mathew Charles Heulitt - Guitar
Wayne Wallace - Trombone
Louis Fasman - Trumpet
Jeff Eaton - Trumpet
Ray Clement - Sax
Marc Russo - Sax
Bob Knapp - Sax
James Henry - Percussion
Lynn Asher & Narada Michael Walden

Andre Theirry and the Performing Stars Zydeco Boys:
Keith Callahan, Kevin Callahan, Oseil Mezariegos, Charlie Rodriguez,
Marsean Sanders, Daesean Sanders, Sean Tyler

Foundation Singers:

Carina Alberigi, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Comer, Eva Huzella, Nicolette "Nico" Huzella, Maya Hernandez,
Camille Lummis, Clair Lyons, Lila McKinley, Gabriella "Gigi" Munroe,Camille Rosenthal, Annie Sherer

Marin School of the Arts Jazz Band:
Marie Barrolaza, Colby Chipman, Kenny Fielder, Chris Gleckman,
Milo Horstman, Jasmin Reyes, Celina Ventanilla

Prince Brian Christian Anderson and the London Knights:
Nick Poole Joshua Cobb

Dancers of H'alau Na Pua O ka La'akea'
Maestro Michael Morgan of the Oakland East Bay Symphony 

Shout out to Nancy Johnson, Board President of (MCCSD) Marin City, CA!

You know it's a good thing when you walk into a venue and every age demographic is represented
I mean, toddlers and their grandparents were in the house to enjoy some authentic, home grown,
Rock N' Roll, Jazz, Be-Bopping, Toe Tapping, finger snapping Rhythm & Blues!

Do your self a favor.
Visit/ Volunteer / Make a donation to: The Narada Michael Walden Foundation - it can make a difference, enriching a child's life.

It was the kind of evening that touches your Soul.

Be sure to watch the Narada Michael Walden Foundation Holiday Show, airs on Comcast - 12/24 - 12/25 Christmas Eve and Christmas day 8:00 pm PST. (please check your local listing)

Bananas At Large, Piattie Ristorante & Bar, Laub Dermatology & Aesthetics, RaFael Florists,
Mendocino Brewing CO, Pelo Cycling * Fitness, Minuteman Press, Halau Hula Na Pua O Ka La'akea

Love & light,

All photos are the expressed property of  Narada Michael Walden Foundation and or
Dan Gallemore @ 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Let The Kids Grow Foundation - Children Are Our Present And Our Future

It truly is a remarkable thing when you have someone who is actually in your corner, and they prove it by their actions.

That's what Simin Hashemizadeh and Percy "Master P" Miller, founders of
Let The Kids Grow Foundation, are doing for our youth. No rhetoric. Straight up action.

This remarkable team (Simin H. and Percy "Master P" Miller) decided to start a foundation that positively causes change in a child's life immediately, through a safe after-school program.
Know thy Self = Equipping the children with knowledge, thus empowering our youth with the proper skills that they need to excel.

Let The Kids Grow Foundation is a non-profit organization that is putting their actions into words. Please support their efforts. After all, the children are our present and our future!

Pm Saturday, Dec 1, 2012, Simin Hashemizadeh and Percy "Master P" Miller are honoring Tyler Perry, Nick Cannon, UsherRomeo MillerDwight HowardKirstie Alley, Big Boy,
Dr. Ralph Mayer and Dr. Shahrad Rahban, at a Black Tie Celebrity Dinner, at a private location in Beverly Hills.
Here's hoping that your heart will compel you to reach into your wallet and support such a worthy event. For details, please contact: or email them @

Let The Kids Grow Foundation's Black Tie Celebrity Event 12.1.12
Love & light to you!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fired Up! Ready to GO! Five Days to GO! President Obama, Earth, Wind & Fire, Jennifer Hudson, Bon Jovi, George Clooney = Fired UP! Ready to GO!

There are so many reasons why people band together. From my perspective, there was a group of us that gathered together, 6,000 strong, for the sake of making this place, we call home, a better place.
Stevie Wonder - Amazing! 
The 44th President of the USA - The Honorable Barack Obama

On Sunday, Oct 7, 2012, @ Nokia Theater LA/Live,
 People from all  ages, religious beliefs, creeds and colors,
joined the
President of the United States, Barack Obama,
Mayor of Los Angeles, CA, Antonio Villaraigosa,
Earth, Wind & Fire - Awesome!

Mayor of San Antonio, Texas,Julian Castro,
the incomparable Stevie Wonder,
The awesome Elements, Earth, Wind & Fire, Jennifer HudsonJohn Bon JoviKaty Perry, George Clooney = LOVE

Please make sure to BARACK the VOTE! -

Jon Bon Jovi - Passionate
Katy Perry - Humanitarian
Jennifer Hudson - Fabulous
George Clooney - Brilliant!

A big thank you to the following awesome Volunteers at the OFA Office For America - Crenshaw Office.
Sandi Cook, Regional Field Director - You are awesome!
William Burwell, Mrs.Ilsie Dixon, Mrs. Autry Harris, Wanda Jackson,
KaRen MacCalla, Ms. Bridgett. Penson, Elaine Lofton, Erica Copeland, Mary, Jane Davis, Yvonne Farrow, Khemare Safu, Lousie Richardson,
The multi-talented Lena Cole-Dennis and Patsy Howard and the
Brown Golden Girls for President Barack Obama - and everyone else -
You Ladies and Gentlemen made so many phone calls and talked to so many people - Yes, We Are Fired UP! Ready to GO!

Love & Light,

Friday, October 19, 2012

7th Annual Taste of Soul LA Festival ~ Oct 20, 2012 ~ 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

If I were you, I'd get up nice and early, get the family ready, grab your travel chairs and head on
over to the 7th Annual Taste of Soul Festival!
Danny Bakewell and his wonderful staff have some awesome things planned for everyone, and it's going to be fabulous!

Hope to see you there!

Love & light,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dean's Executive Leadership Series | Pepperdine University | Graziadio School of Business and Management

Dean's Executive Leadership Series | Pepperdine University | Graziadio School of Business and Management

Dr. Bernard Kinsey is a remarkable man. He and his wife, Shirley Kinsey and son Khalil are Pillars in the African Diaspora.

If you want to expand your horizons and learn more about American History, please make sure that you are @ Pepperdine University on Wednesday, Oct 17, 2012, @ 5:30pm. For tickets and info -

Dr. Bernard  Kinsey 
Love & light,

Saturday, August 25, 2012

SPARKLE Trailer 2012 - Whitney Houston Movie - Official [HD]

I love the movie, SPARKLE! I've seen it, and I'm going to see it again this weekend! Won't you join me? C

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Born Day, President Obama!

...Out of the huts of history's shame
I rise
Up from a past that's rooted in pain
I rise, I rise, I rise - Dr. Maya Angelou

Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Hiatus ~

Ms. Eartha Kitt ~ 
Dear Readers, No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I've been taking a little break. I've been so busy shifting so many gears until it's not even funny!

This summer's been filled with so many wonderful things, and I've met some really interesting people on this journey called life. So, please hold tight, and know that I have really good things to share with you regarding the 6th Annual Leimert Park Village Book Fair, The Queen Mary Exhibit of Princess Diana's treasured items,  The  West Coast Urban Ballroom Gents 2nd Annual Black and White Affair, R & B Concerts,
as well as visits to some wonderful exhibits (as well as deaths. I know, doesn't sound like good news, but Home Comings count as all apart of the Cycle of Life)  and so much more!

Touch bases with you soon!

Love & light,
(Photo of Ms. Eartha Kitt is the sole property of - no copy-write infringement intended)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr. - A Legacy

I got up first thing this morning and made note of all of the things that I am grateful for:
 1. Waking up this morning 2. Having my health and strength
3. Knowing the true God Jehovah 4. Knowing thy-Self 5. Staying conscious 6. Having a great support system i.e. family and friends
7. Being capable of loving 8. Helping others
9. Being able to laugh, sing and dance and love!
10. Knowing what is real and what isn't.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Stood for something. He rocked the world with his greater since of mutual respect for all of humanity. He lived his life, making conscious choices, working towards "the greater good" of mankind. He preached the importance of judging one by the "content of their character" - not their skin type. That is deep.

Thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and those that marched with you, and those that existed before you,  that paved the way so that I can try and make this place a better space for the generations that follow...

I got up this morning,  April 4, 2012, got all dressed up and listened to some Stevie Wonder and had a glow and an inner smile in my heart. Reflecting on a day, not so long ago, that my friend Debbie came by my office and we went to lunch - Italian food. Debbie is conscious of the ugliness that has plagued this nation for generations, racism, a disease that has caused the demise of so many people. So, my friend Debbie, brought me a flower, to celebrate MLK's B-Day. We, as friends, are living the  MLK Jr. Dream. She and I smiled and reflected on the fact that not so long ago, 30 years ago or so, we could not have shared the same table. Why? Because she is a blond hair blue eyed white
(Anglo-Saxon descent) American, and I am an black (West African descent) American.
Today it was not even an issue as we entered the restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA.,  and sat down to
"break bread". Now, that's progress!

Today, due to the many sacrifices of so many black, white, red, yellow and brown Americans -
we can sit down to a meal and not get arrested. We can live together as neighbors and not harm one another. You see, as fellow human beings, we have more in common then we have differences.
Let's think about how we can come together and let go of the hatred that is being stirred up like embers from a flame that burns in a low undertone here in the USA, and just when it looks like the flames have died, someone waves the flames, hoping to re-ignite the fire. Enough.
Let's reflect on the life one man, that died in the name of progress, so that you and I can live and work, shoulder to shoulder, helping one another, not trying to destroy each other.

Let's have more respect for one another, be patient with one another, feed one another kindness - shall we? 

Love & light, C
(updated/edited/from a 2/09 post | no intentional copyright infringement.)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Watts Coffee House - Best Fried Chicken and Salmon Croquettes in TOWN!!

Chef/ Owner of Watts Coffee House, Desiree Edwards
There is  a remarkable woman behind the scenes, making things happen in the kitchen and in the community - who might that be? Desiree Edwards, Owner and Chef, makes sure that every dish sent out of her kitchen is hot, delicious and memorable! Every dish that is prepared is made with love!
Watts Coffee House
When was the last time that you had Salmon Croquettes, made from scratch, with real Salmon?
(Not Mackerel disguised as Salmon...)

Lena Cole-Dennis was so right about the food and the service, so this morning I got up and drove to the Watts Coffee House and had a wonderful breakfast! I had fried chicken, grits and eggs with pepper jack cheese, and a nice cup of caramel macchiato coffee. Oh so good!

Thank you, Desiree Edwards, and your outstanding Staff for a wonderful way to start my day!

Love & light,
 |Watts Coffee House @ 1827 E. 103rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90002|  Hours -  Tues - Friday, 8:00am - 3:00pm, Sat. 8:00am - 1:00pm, Sun 10:00am - 4:00pm| 323.249.4343|  Follow on Twitter @WattsCoffeeHouz| Facebook

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Come Rain or Sunshine, KaBoom! Builds New Playground in Inglewood, CA!

At dark-thirty (early am) this morning, my Cousin Rhonda and I met up at North Park,
611 Hargrave St., Inglewood, CA 90302, the latests park selected by KaBoom!, who partnered up with The City of Inglewood, sponsored by The J. Willard And Alice S. Marriott Foundation.

How many people knew that David Marriott, grandson of J. Willard & Alice S. Marriott, was leading the helms, with shovel and tools in hand, to re-build the playground for the children in the Inglewood community?!
The City of Inglewood, Sabrina Barnes, Director, Park, Recreation and Community Services, and her staff, kindly greeted each and every volunteer, along with representatives from Senator Steve Bradford's office,  assisting them in signing in and getting to the designated area where the staff @ Kaboom! readily awaited us!

There was a remarkable woman that got us all started with a very good warm-up -
Zumba! Zumba! Zimba! - style, along with stretching our hands up to the sky and criss-crossing around the park - oh yes, we were doing the darn thing!

KaBoom! requested 200 + volunteers, and it was wonderful because so many people showed up to help. Keep in mind that it's been raining cats and dogs these past few days in Southern, CA., and wouldn't you know it, this morning was truly another beautiful, predictable sunny California Day!

Kaboom! and the City of Inglewood and General Managers from the Marriott Hotels around the globe showed up, from New York, Switzerland, Bangkok, India, Polynesian Islands,  and the United Kingdom, just to name a few places, jamming to the beats of an excellent DJ - physically assisting in building the playground from the ground up. Seriously! These men and women worked tirelessly to create a park that the children in the neighborhood would love!
After all, the children in the community attended a meeting, and got a chance to draw their dream playground, and out of all of the schematics, Option # 2 won!(See photo to the left).

The next time that you and yours are out and about, and walk or drive by a really nice playground, just think - "How can I make sure that all children have the same opportunities to play in a nice, clean, safe place?" Then click on to the KaBoom! link and make a donation and volunteer to help build a park near you. Come rain or sunshine, you can be the change you want to see...

Love & light,

Saturday, March 24, 2012

McDonald's is All About the Community ~ Celebrating the Newly Renovated McDonald's in Inglewood, CA

Lois & Donald Bailey, Sr., President, D Bailey Management Co., Carla Thomas, Gino Potesta, VP, QSC & Operations McDonald's
My good friend, Lena Cole-Dennis - CEO of Cole Dennis & Associates, said, 102.3 KJLH Radio's DJ, Bigg Pwee said that he's going to be at the McDonald's @ 401 E. Manchester, between Locust and to support the newly renovated McDonald's! Everyone who listens to 102.3 KJLH Radio - Stevie Wonder's radio station in Inglewood, CA - knows that Bigg Pwee is the man on the go and the man to follow!

Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts Jr., Lois & Donald Bailey Sr. - President of  D. Bailey Management Co., Deirdra Bailey, Donald Bailey Jr., - Owner Operators of McDonald's - along with
Mayor James T. Butts, Carla Thomas
Gino Potesta - Vice President, QSC & Operations, Akins Akinnagbe, celebrated the newly renovated McDonald's in Inglewood, CA. What a beautiful establishment - Congratulations to the Bailey Family!
Romel Villaverde, Deirdra Bailey, Moi, Ronald McDonald
Can I tell you how kind, courteous and helpful the McDonald's Staff is at this location? Stop in and say hey to Jayson Lim,Carmen Suaverdez , Ruth, Lourdes, Lakeisha, Danny, Ashley, Mellanie, April, Jesus and the entire crew - You make our day, everyday!

Stevie Wonder's team @ 102.3 Radio-Free KJLH Radio were there, making it oh so much fun!

Bigg Pwee got the community to show up and he kept the crowd going, giving away T-Shirts, CDs, Tickets to concerts and events - and more!
It was so good seeing Nautica De La Cruz  do her thing!

Nautica De La Cruz, KJLH Radio interviewing Robert Glasper
Check out Ms.Nautica interviewing the talented
Blue Notes Records recording Artist, Robert Glasper.
Inglewood High School Band
102.3 KJLH Radio kept everybody up and in tuned with the music, and the positive energy was just flowing!
I would be remiss if I didn't mention the brilliance of Aundrae Russell, Program Director, KJLH Radio,
and Greg Johnson, Marketing Director, KJLH Radio - both whom make the ebb and flow of the station run smoothly. Hats off to the Inglewood High School Band Director, Mr.Conrad Hutchinson III for doing such an outstanding, remarkable job instructing/leading the AWESOME Inglewood High School Band - you all ROCKED it!
Smooches, Carla

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mario Canali Art Exhibit @ DAC Gallery - 3.10.12 - 4.6.12

Iconica - Mario Canali
Mario Canali, a native of Monza,Italy (15 km north-northeast of Milan, Italy) experienced success very early in his career.
In 1975, Mr.Canali stepped on to the Italian Art scene with his first solo exhibit as a painter, then shortly there after,
combining his knowledge of electronic and digital art, he and his colleagues,
Flavia Alman, Sabine Reiff and Riccardo Sinigaglia,
collaborated as a part of the Correnti Magnetiche Research and Electronic Art Group,
 thus creating 3-D Animations which earned the group international acclaim, earning awards at Siggraph in Los Angeles, CA., Arts Electronica in Linz,
Imagina in Monte Carlo, and Nastro d'Argento in Rome.
In 1989, they were awarded the L'Immagine Elettronica Prize in Ferrara for his pioneering work in electronic art.
Mr. Canali eventually teamed up with Computer Scientist Marcello Campione (1993) to create a revolutionary virtual reality for artistic and expressive purposes called Satori.
The innovative works of Satori lead Mario Canali to team up with Elio Massironi,
a renowned psychologist as well as with furniture designer Leonardo Aurelio, to create interactive installations capable of sensing psycho-physical parameters which then expressed that data as displays of light, sound images and video.

There will be some really interesting pieces of Art work, this weekend, @ DAC Gallery, you can stop in, meet Mario Canali and view some really visually stimulating Surreal Art!
 In my opinion, Mario Canali is 
to Surrealism,
what Placido 
Domingo is to Opera Honey Child!
See you there, Smooches, C

Sponsored by: The Italian Institute of Culture of Los Angeles (IILCLA)
AVATARS Talk About Life - Mario Canali

Friday, February 24, 2012

So Many Excellent Films at the Pan African Film & Arts Festival 2012

The Pan African Art & Film Festival ended on Monday, Feb 20, 2012 on a high note!
There were so many great films to watch! These are my top picks!
If you get a chance, as they appear in your theaters, check them out! www.PAFF.ORG

A Lucy - PAFF Jewel - Dir:  Radhaa-Rajen Jaganathen
(1993/Maurittus/ Narative)

A Small Town Called Descent -  Dir: by Jahmil Qubeka -
(US Premiere 2011/ South Africa/ Narrative Feature/120min)

Better Mus' Come - Dir: Storm Saulter
(2011/Jamaica/ Narrative Feature/104min)

Bring Your "A" Game - Dir: Mario Van Peebles
2009/US/Short Documentary/23Min)

Brooklyn Boheme - Dir: Diane Paragas & Nelson George
(West Coast Premiere/2011/US/Documentary/80min)

Chico & Rita - Dir: Fernando Trueba, Javier Mariscal & Tono Errando
(2010/Cuba/Narrative Feature/94min)

House Arrest - Dir: William Washington
(World Premiere/2011/US/Narrative Feature/104min)

Inside Story - Dir: Rolie Nikiwe
(US Premiere/2011/South Africa/Narrative Feature/98min)

One Flight Stand - Dir: Saladin K. Patterson
(PAFF Jewel/2003/US/Narrative Short/12min)

Salvation Road - Dir: Karamuu Kush
(West Coast Premiere/2010/US/Narrative Short/17min)

Slavery by Another Name - Dir: Sam Pollard

Sunset Red- Ian Foxx
(2011/US/Short Narrative/25min)

Think Like a Man - Dir: Tim Story
(World Premiere/2012/US/Narrative Feature)

The Education of Auma Obama - Dir: Branwen Okpako -
Winner of the, Best Documentary - 2012

Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day - Dir: Neema Barnette
(World Premiere/2012/US/Narrative Feature/101min)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Angelus Plaza African American Heritage Celebration ~ The Angelus Senior Activity Center

Any and all located in the Downtown area of Los Angeles,
are invited to stop on by Angelus Plaza's 
African American Heritage Celebration - exploring the richness of our culture, through music, dance ans storytelling. There will be African artifacts, fabric and historical posters on display, and  it is going to be so much fun!
Just imagine, Master drummer Najite Agindotan and the Olokun Quartet will perform timeless jazz standards.
Actor Matt Gibson will portray Frederick Douglass during a brief dramatic interpretation.

 Today - February 17, 2012, from 2pm - 5pm, @ 255 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012,
 on the fourth floor, in the auditorium.

 Admission is free, and light refreshments will be served. - GO out and support our Seniors, ya'll!
For more information, please contact: Jeffrey Winston, Angelus Plaza Community Relations Coordinator

Love & light,

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pan African Art & Film Festival| Slavery by Another Name ~ Douglas A. Blackmon| Bernard & Shirley Kinsey = Kinsey Collection

Whitney Houston 2012
This past weekend was full of ups and downs. First off, I'd like to give my condolences to Whitney Houston's Family. Another one gone too soon....

This past weekend at the Pan African Film & Arts Festival,
I got a chance to see some really good films! One in particular was called,
"Slavery by Another Name", Douglas A. Blackmon.
Do yourself a favor and stop on over @ The RAVE Theater now through February 20, 2012 and see some really outstanding films, meet some really great people and enjoy the Art and Food that is offered.

Be sure to tune in to the PBS Premiere of  "Slavery by Another Name",
based upon the book, "Slavery by Another Name", written by
Douglas A.Blackmon. Dr. Bernard and Shirley Kinsey are in the documentary and believe me, there is a very compelling story behind it!
Question: Did slavery in the USA end for African Americans in 1865? 1900? 1970? Is it still in existence?
That is the million dollar question....Tune in to the documentary and let's talk afterwards. Love & light, Carla

(all photos are the property of PBS, Douglas A. Blackmon, Bernard & Shirley Kinsey Collection. No copy write infringement intended.)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Black History Tour of Los Angeles February 2012

Mayor Tom Bradley - Hancock Park, Getty House
I am simply ecstatic about getting up at dark thirty in the morning (early) to meet up with Dr.Shepherd and the Our Authors Study Club!
The tour that is offered by Dr. Genevieve Shepherd and Toni and a other volunteers is priceless.

We visited so many different areas until I just can't name them all in one setting ~  Los Pobladores, the Getty House, where Mayor Tom Bradley and family lived from 1973-1993, while he was
Mayor of Los Angeles, Biddy Mason Wall,
located at 333 S. Spring Street, Sugar Hill
(Hattie McDaniel's Home) Little Tokyo,
Leimert Park, simply wonderful!
Hattie McDaniel's Home in Sugar Hill District

Hattie McDaniel
Consolidated Realty, Mark Alston, President.
Located at 3725 Don Felipe Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90043

If I were you, next year, during the month of February, the first Saturday, @ 8:00am, I would recommend that you and your family join us on this momentous tour!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Born Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

During one of his sermons at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, a couple of months prior to his death, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. touched so many hearts that day.
He said, in part:
" If any of you are around when I have to meet my day, I don't want a long funeral. And if you get somebody to deliver the eulogy, tell them not to talk too long...Tell them not to mention that I have a Nobel Peach Prize, that isn't important. Tell them not to mention that I have three or four hundred other awards, that's not important...I'd like somebody to say that day, that Martin Luther King Jr. tried to love somebody...I tried to feed the hungry... I want you to say that I tried to serve humanity...tell them that I was a Drum Major for peace..."

We love you, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and to your family, for understanding the need to "Wake up" the entire Globe by marching against Black America, setting a precedence for others to unitedly march against cruelty, injustice, bigotry and the general belief that certain groups should be "entitled" to food, clothing, shelter, education, and a viable means of making a living, while others should simply stand on the sidelines and suffer, due to a lack of such necessities. In America, we had you, Dr. King Jr., and your associates in the trenches, fighting(non-violently) for justice in America the Beautiful.
Yes, Happy Born Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.~

Love & light, Carla
( Quote of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s sermon at Ebeneezer Baptist Church, on Feb 4, 1958.|
 Video via youtube, by whyattmcintyre, April 2, 2008)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stevie Wonder Still ROCKS! "Songs In The Key of Life" ~ "AS"

Today I was feeling Stevie Wonder, so I got out one of my all time favorite double CD
"Songs In The Key of Life" ~ AS

I hope you all enjoy Stevie Wonder singing this song live with The Harlem Boys Choir - Amazing!

"...Did you know that true love asks for nothing?
No, no her acceptance is the way we pay
Did you know that life has given love a guarantee
To last through forever and another day..."

"Songs in the Keys of Life" ~ AS ~  Written and performed by Stevie Wonder

Love & light, Carla
(Songs in the Key of Life are the sole property of Stevie Wonder - no copyright infringement intended)