Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fired Up! Ready to GO! Five Days to GO! President Obama, Earth, Wind & Fire, Jennifer Hudson, Bon Jovi, George Clooney = Fired UP! Ready to GO!

There are so many reasons why people band together. From my perspective, there was a group of us that gathered together, 6,000 strong, for the sake of making this place, we call home, a better place.
Stevie Wonder - Amazing! 
The 44th President of the USA - The Honorable Barack Obama

On Sunday, Oct 7, 2012, @ Nokia Theater LA/Live,
 People from all  ages, religious beliefs, creeds and colors,
joined the
President of the United States, Barack Obama,
Mayor of Los Angeles, CA, Antonio Villaraigosa,
Earth, Wind & Fire - Awesome!

Mayor of San Antonio, Texas,Julian Castro,
the incomparable Stevie Wonder,
The awesome Elements, Earth, Wind & Fire, Jennifer HudsonJohn Bon JoviKaty Perry, George Clooney = LOVE

Please make sure to BARACK the VOTE! -

Jon Bon Jovi - Passionate
Katy Perry - Humanitarian
Jennifer Hudson - Fabulous
George Clooney - Brilliant!

A big thank you to the following awesome Volunteers at the OFA Office For America - Crenshaw Office.
Sandi Cook, Regional Field Director - You are awesome!
William Burwell, Mrs.Ilsie Dixon, Mrs. Autry Harris, Wanda Jackson,
KaRen MacCalla, Ms. Bridgett. Penson, Elaine Lofton, Erica Copeland, Mary, Jane Davis, Yvonne Farrow, Khemare Safu, Lousie Richardson,
The multi-talented Lena Cole-Dennis and Patsy Howard and the
Brown Golden Girls for President Barack Obama - and everyone else -
You Ladies and Gentlemen made so many phone calls and talked to so many people - Yes, We Are Fired UP! Ready to GO!

Love & Light,