Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'll Always Love my Mama - She Brought me in this world

I truly don't know how she did it. She got up each morning that God sent. Made us a hot breakfast - "no cold cereal for my babies!" - and was off to work - arriving at UC Hospital at 6:15AM. She was a Phlebotomyst. Her specialty was taking the blood samples of infants and people with hard to find veins. She had the Midas touch. Then she switched gears and became a Legal Secretary. She worked for a family of Lawyers in Downtown San Francisco - The Millers. She also took time off to take care of my Grandfather until he passed and my Grandmother until she passed. I'm talking about my Mother. She gave birth to 4 of us - Albert, Stewart(R.I.P), Valerie and me - but raised one of her sister's children, allowing me to nurture them as well.
My Mother was her sisters' keeper. All of her siblings relied on her strength as well. She never gave it a second thought when they were in need. They would move right on in with us! Now 4 of the 6 have passed on. Now it's just her and her sister, KellyRose.

This Sunday is Mother's Day. Please, take a moment and thank the Mother in your life. It could be an Aunt, Sister, Cousin or a neighbor. Show that woman some love as often as you can.

Give her her flowers while she can still enjoy them!

To all of you Mothers out there - Happy Mother's Day to you - Super Women!

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Photography by Nick Gizpenc