Friday, August 30, 2013

Wayne Schoenfeld - Philanthropist | Renaissance Man & Rotaplast International - Game Changers

Wayne Schoenfeld is the man behind the lens, with insight and wisdom beyond his years. Wayne has the ability to use his 
"third eye" to enlighten us.
Join Wayne Schoenfeld  & Rotaplast International as they take us on a journey around the globe, changing up the game by
making a difference in
over 10,000 children's lives.
Hit the re-set button and get with
New Democracy Productions 
Why? To effect positive change in this world.

Wayne Schoenfeld 
Visionary, Philanthropist,Humanitarian
Renaissance Man
In 1992, some game-changers decided to make a difference - starting with the
Man in the Mirror, establishing 

Rotaplast International,  a 501(c)(3),
non-profit organization out of San Francisco, CA, co-founded by 
Angelo Capozzi,MD and PDG Peter C. Lagarias.
Dr. Angelo Capozzi holding a babe born
w/ a cleft lip (pre-surgery)
Dr. Capozzi has 49 years of experience as a Plastic Surgeon. PDG Peter C. Lagarias , Philanthropist, are being of like minds, envision eliminating the incidence of untreated cleft lips and palates in children worldwide by the year 2025. Rotaplast International is the vehicle that will allow Dr. Capozzi and his wonderful team of health care professionals/volunteers to make their goal a reality.

Randy Floyd, a patient transporter,
w/ baby in tote to surgery
 Where to next?

Rotaplast International and New Democracy Productions are heading to Monrovia, Liberia in September 2013 to surgically repair cleft lip and palates. So far, they've  helped to put smiles on children's faces in Vietnam, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, Romania, China, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Brazil and now Monrovia, Liberia
Join us on August 31, 2013  - 6:30pm - 10:00pm
 +Wayne Schoenfeld  @WSSLA @EarthWE Bergamot Station  @Rotaplast International

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

March on Washington - 1963 - 2013 - 50 Years

I remember my Aunt Bertha's (Caldwell - Sims - Rankins) reflection on the 1963 March on Washington.
Aunt Bertha said that she marched because our very human rights to exist in a country that we helped to build was under siege. Aunt Bertha said that a black man, woman and child should be treated as human beings, first class citizens in "Our Country 'tis of thee - sweet land of Liberty", and if we don't stand up for something, we will fall for anything. Aunt Bertha is 89 years old and still recalls their travels from Chicago, Il, to Washington DC.

Clarence B. Jones, writer - in- residence at Stanford University's Martin Luther King Jr. Institute, breaks it down when he says, "It was a stressful day." " I got a call - an urgent call - from Harry Belafonte, because we were getting enormous pressure from the parents of these kids to get them out of jail," Jones recalls.
The Rockefeller family wanted to help, so Jones had to fly to New York, go to a bank vault and sign a promissory note in exchange for $100,000 in cash. That meant, Jones explains, " when the creditor calls you and say[s], 'Pay me,' you pay that person."

So when he was helping King draft talking points for his speech, Jones suggested that event would make a powerful analogy.
"You know, coming here to like we are coming to our nation's capitol and ask[ing] to be repaid, or ask[ing] to be paid in full, on a promissory note," Jones says. "Well, there has to be sufficient funds in the vaults of justice in this country."

Indeed, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr used that image of a bounced check to assert that America had failed to live up to its promise. "It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note insofar as her citizens of color are concerned."  Dr.King Jr. stated from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. "Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check; a check which has come back marked 'insufficient funds.'"

Food for thought: In 2013, the question is, what does Equal Rights, Fair Employment and First Class Citizenship mean to you? Who qualifies for these inalienable rights in the USA? Every American Citizen qualifies, right? ~ Your thoughts please...

Truly with Love & light,

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

LA Premiere of Lee Daniels 'The Butler' Starring an All Star Cast ~ 8.12.2013

Ms.Oprah was on the Red Carpet  at the Regal LA LIVE Stadium
this evening, in downtown Los Angeles - doing the Darn Thing!
GO Oprah!
Oprah Winfrey on the Red Carpet in Los Angeles, CA
(Photography by Richard Darryl Nichols)
Lee Daniels has an excellent film coming out in a theater near you on August 16, 2013- entitled, "The Butler" Written by Danny Strong and Wil Haywood., a period film based on the book, based on the life of
Mr. Eugene Allen.
Wil Haywood put to pen the book,
"A Butler Well Served by This Election".
It is astonishing that Mr.Eugene Allen - a man/husband/father - worked in the White House as a Butler for 34 years, achieving the highest level of
 Maitre d', serving 8 Presidents:
President Lyndon Johnson, President Richard Nixon,
President Gerald Ford, President Jimmy Carter,
President Ronald Reagan,
President George H. W. Bush,
President Bill Clinton, President George W. Bush,
and the highlight? President Barack H. Obama.
 "That's the man, he said, as he watched
 President Barack H. Obama being sworn into office in 2008. "Whew, I'm telling you, it's something to see. Seeing him standing there, it's been worth it all."
Yes. Mr.Eugene Allen, who lived to be a "Mighty One" - 90 years of age, laid down with our ancestors in 2010. I salute you, and the men like you, Mr. Eugene Allen, who paved the way for our generation. Rest in Peace.

The film has an all star cast:
Forest Whitaker
Oprah Winfrey
Mariah Carey
John Cusack
Jame Fonda
Cuba Gooding,JR.
Terrence Howard
Lenny Kravitz
James Marsden
David Oyelowo
Vanessa Redgrave
Alan Rickman
Liev Schreiber
Robin Williams
Clarence Williams III
Hats off to The Weinstein Company

My opinion? - And you already know I have one ~
This is truly a "Must See" film that shows how America, "The Beautiful",
 is comprised of people who have True Grit. We've got some issues to work out amongst( yes, I'm using my Grandfather's word)  ourselves, but through and through, we'll work 'em out.

Go ON with it, Lee Daniels!
Love & light, Carla

The Official Trailer for The Weinstein Company - Lee Daniels 'The Butler'

The Official Trailer for The Weinstein Company - Lee Daniels 'The Butler'