Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bernard and Shirley Kinsey - A Journey in Four Parts - Feb 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2010

Last evening I had the pleasure of attending
The Ebony Repertory Theater's latest event -
featuring Dr. Bernard and Shirley Kinsey Presents
"A Journey in Four Parts" series.

The first part in the series is entitled:
What You Didn't Learn in High School History

It was very enlightening. Dr. & Mrs. Kinsey brought knowledge to the table . Hear me when I tell you that most everyone in attendance was hungry for knowledge.

The real history of African American triumphs and contributions should no longer remain a secret. It should explode into our classrooms and into our collective conscience.” - Bernard Kinsey

Dr. Kinsey essentially said that we need to re-language our thought process and words with regards to what actually happened to those who were captured during the slave trade. Black people/African Americans/Negros - which ever adjective that one prefers to use to describe Africans in America - were enslaved - kidnapped by brutal force (guns) and held against their will.
Only the strongest of the strongest survived the rocky 6 month journey in the bowels of a very crowded ship. A ship as cold and unfeeling as the captors and the many people that orchestrated the journey.

Yes, there were free Africans that navigated the globe and conducted business in America before this country was colonized, but by far and large, the vast majority of African Americans were picked up in the interior of West Africa - between Senegal and Angola - as Free people and brought to the shores of America enslaved. Yes America's African Ancestors were FREE People that were ENSLAVED by Europeans (British, French for starters). These slaves were pure human capital, distributed throughout what is called the triangle - Africa the Caribbean and North America an Europe.

This information was just one of the many morsels of information that was
disseminated last evening by Bernard, Shirley and Khalil Kinsey.

I could have listened to the Kinsey's talk all day and night. But I must say, if it were not for Kevin Ross and Facebook, along with his, who featured Bernard Kinsey on one of last week's shows, I would not have known about this most momentous event.
I do hope to see you all next Saturday, Feb 13th @ 8:00PM at Nate Holden's Performing Art Theater multi - use complex which houses The Ebony Repertory Theater. The topic is Love. Don't miss the other 3 parts of the series happening Feb 13, 20 & 27, 2010.
In closing, last night's event reminded me of a poem that was written by Gordon Nelson called,

"Science tells you that Black
is the absence of light.
But your soul tells you that Black
is the light of the world."

Love & light, C