Sunday, March 14, 2010

David Hrobowski's Riffstick Art Exhibit

Last night's solo Art Exhibit at MorYork Art Gallery, featuring David Hrobowski's Riffstick Art was a huge success! There were so many people there until we were walking shoulder to shoulder, eagerly trying to see each piece of Art work that was displayed. Functional Art work. Riffstick Art work is "Green" friendly Art work that can actually be used. The pieces are created by a man that is an Engineer/Entrepanuer/Artist. So you can just imagine how the strutcure and the different demensions of tables, lamps, screens and miniture houses are designed.
It would be a good thing to gather up the family and go see for yourself, the beautiful Art pieces that were created by David Hrobowksi. The Art work is original, creative, "green friendly" and truly something you've got to see. I loved it!
David Hrobowski - Riffstick Art -riffstick@cuflinkkingcom - 323.782.1973
MorYork Gallery - 4959 York Blvd. (at Avenue 50) Highland Park, CA 90042. 323.663.3426

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Riffstick Furniture - David Hrobowski

David Hrobowski is a man that can create anything with his hands. This 6'6"man is actually sitting on a chair that he created out of ice cream sticks. Yes, I said ice cream sticks!
His artwork is amazing. David has created one of a kind chairs, mirrors, lamps and a host of other lovely items that are truly works of art.
Come meet David and learn all about his journey - what was his motivation to create Art out of ice cream sticks.
When: March 13, 2010
Where: MorYork Gallery - 4959 York Blvd., ( at Avenue 50) in Highland Park, CA 90042.
What Time: 7:00 PM - 10 :00 PM
I hope to see you there because I wouldn't miss it!