Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'll Always Love My Mama

Every time that I hear that song by the Intruders, " I'll Always Love My Mama", it puts a smile on my face, and takes me way back. I remember as a little child, watching them sing that song on "Soul Train", and singing along as best I could. When I think of all the sacrifices that my Mother made for us, it makes me want to cry, because she made sure that we had everything we ever needed, never thinking of herself.

Mother and I in Cairo, Egypt, The Pyramids of Giza
Yes, today is Mother's Day, and I am wishing my Mother, as well as yours, a very Happy Mother's Day.
Thank you, Mother, for raising my brother, sister and I with integrity. For even having enough love in your heart to raise other people's children as well. Al, Sissy and I appreciate what you've done for us, and thank Jehovah God for you. (Grandmother, Malisa Caldwell Evans,(R.I.P.) laid down with our ancestors in 1984. Today, she would've been 100 years old. I'll always treasure her as well. I miss you, Sweetie!)

Since tomorrow is not promised, we must treasure each day that you have with your Mother, your family, your friends. #Try love.

Love & light,

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Living Life Out Loud with Carolyn and Janice Wilbourn @ Dawn Sutherland's Estate - May 4th & 5th (Saturday & Sunday) ~ Los Angeles, CA

Caroline and Janice Wilbourn 
are Fashion Designers of Wilbourn Sisters Designs, Inc
Carolyn and Janice Wilbourn come from a strong legacy of women who use their God given talents, taught to them by their Mother, affectionately known as 
"Queen Mother "Elizabeth". 

Queen Mother "Elizabeth", of Jackson, Tennessee, encouraged her daughters (7 women) to follow in her footsteps, and learn to sew, creating their own sense of style, market and sell their designs, thus becoming entrepreneurs at a very young age. These women were taught that if they can visualize it, they can create it and the sky is the limit! 
Wilbourn Sisters Designs, Inc,
Model, DeNatalie Phillips 

Having traveled extensively, Carolyn and Janice have lived in Paris, France for many years (a decade, to be exact), designing with beautiful fabrics, texture and magnificent colors for women of all nationalities, shapes and sizes. After-all, the globe is their home. 

The Wilbourn Sisters Designs, Inc.continue to design some of the most beautiful Diva Wrap Dresses, and
Diva Wrap Blouses that you'll feel Royal in - why?
Because 50 years of Mother Queen "Elizabeth" and her gifted, talented daughters sew love into every garment, instilling knowledge, wisdom and a spirit of 
"I am beautiful!" in the garments wrapped around you!

Walk on, Diva, swaying those hips and moving in time, feeling every bit of fabulous in your own Wilbourn Sisters Designs Inc.
Janice Wilbourn - Woods, Co-President, Wilbourn Sisters Designs Inc.,
Southern Californians

Dawn Sutherland,
VP & Controller, Xerox Corporation
Dawn Sutherland welcomes Designers Carolyn and Janice Wilbourn to her lovely home in Los Angeles, CA
Dawn Sutherland is having an
Ultimate 2 Day Fashion Experience
May 4th & 5th (Saturday & Sunday)

Get prepared to shop and Support Black Businesses, Artists and the Arts
Proceeds will benefit BALA a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation

Some of Dawn's Private Art Collection will be on 
Sale as she prepares to move on to her Next Chapter!!!

In Memory of two dynamic women who made their
transition 4/24 and 4/25
Antronette (Toni) Yancey, MD, MPH and Donna Lee Andrews R.I.P.

Love & light, Carla

You can purchase your Wilbourn Sister Designs at Macy's Greenbriar Mall, SW Atlanta, GA,
or By Appointment: | 770. 634.3494 or 770.634.3496
For information regarding the 3 day event, and BALA, please contact Moza Mjasiri Cooper 323.291.2024