Tuesday, September 30, 2014

HAL Awards - 25th Silver Celebration @ Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood

 Ms. Janie Bradford, President/ Founder, HAL Awards is passionate about making sure that the Motown Alumni get together for worthy causes.
Our Youth.
The youth are our present and our future.

The HAL Scholarship Fund provides performance scholarships to students,
raising funds through their 5 Star annual event that is truly FABULOUS!

Who shows up at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel?
People who genuinely love good music and support the arts.
We have so many youth who have dreams of performing in arts and entertainment. So many young men and women visualize being artists, singers and musicians,
and they need mentors - professionals who are established in the industry, thus helping to create future Stars in the music industry.

Fact: Berry Gordy Jr., Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Janie Bradford and
Ethiopia Habtemariam, have created a formula for success in music, and are diligently reaching back to help our youth stay on the right track.
How awesome is that?
Natalie Nicole Gilbert spent the evening on the Red Carpet, chatting with many of the Motown Legends, even spotting 3 generations of Robinsons;
 Claudette Robinson, her Mom and two granddaughters were in the house!
Natalie said, "Beth Griffith's performance was excellent!"

Natalie went on to say, the brightest star of the evening was undoubtedly
Mary Wilson, who confessed her age (70 - she defies her age!) with the sparkling tone of her voice, stepped on to the stage in an elegant gown (that showed some fit legs). Mary Wilson, who was wonderfully down to earth, said,
"Receiving an award singularly on behalf of all three Supremes is lonely business. Our success was built on team efforts."
Mary Wilson also thanked many in the room who contributed to her long career, including
Berry Gordy Jr..
What a lovely evening!

Berry Gordy, Founder, Motown Records,
at HAL Awards Silver Celebration/Awards
@Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood
(All Photography  by Natalie Nicole Gilbert)
Mary Wilson
(The Supremes)
Ethiopia Habtemariam,
Motown Records
Claudette Robinson, Janie Bradford, Founder/CEO, HAL Awards,
  Freda Payne

Take 6 performing live -
These men are bringing it!
The Honorable Judge Craig Strong
Ray Parker Jr.

Claudette Robinson
(The Miracles)
 Beth Griffith, child of Motown's
in house Funk Brother's
Johnny Griffith, got on stage and sang! Check out Yesterday!

Natalie Nicole Gilbert -
Editor-At-Large/ Photographer
I appreciate you, Natalie Nicole Gilbert for covering the 25th Silver Celebration!

Love & light,
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Diana Ross - In The Name of Love Tour - Paramount Theatre September 26, 2014

If' you love Diana Ross like I do, be sure to get your tickets to tomorrow night's concert in Oakland, CA - Paramount Theater! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Motown The Musical - @ Orpheum Theater SF - Last Week - A Must See!

Motown The Musical at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco
Mr. Berry Gordy Jr. has an amazing life, creating Stars that shine so bright!
As Ms. Diana Ross calls him, "BG" - "BG",
Mr. Berry Gordy Jr. is so fascinating!

Can one even imaging the magnitude, bringing into fruition the careers of
Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder,
The Jackson Five, Diana Ross and The Supremes,
Martha Reeves and the Vandellas,
and Marvin Gaye, to name a few....Amazing!
That's what you'll say when you see the lives of these multi-talented people,
who chartered a path via Hitsville USA - Motown - all the way from
The Motor City, Detroit Michigan - to the stage of the Orpheum Theater.
May I suggest that you pick a day this week, and get on over to LAX, -
hop on a jet and have you take the love of your life to dinner and then to see
Motown The Musical,
now playing in San Francisco at the Orpheum Theater
My girl Sherry J. and A.J. went to see the Musical last Tuesday evening, and they said that the conversation between Berry Gordy and Marvin Gaye about letting Marvin Gaye sing, "What's Going On?" It was deep! Marvin Gaye is still very relevant to this day. Thanks Sherry J. and A.J. for your review of Motown The Musical!

Leon Outlaw Jr., Reed L. Shannon - they are amazing as Young Berry Gordy/
Stevie Wonder/Michael Jackson.
Clifton Oliver is excellent as Berry Gordy
Allison Semmes transforms into the impeccable Diana Ross!
Jarran Muse plays Marin Gaye so fierce, until you believe it's Marvin!

Olivia Puckett plays the roles of Claudette Robinson, Marvelette, Billie Jean Brown, Teena Marie to name a few...

Now through September 28th, 2014 they actually have RUSH Tickets!
Pick up a copy of Berry Gordy Junior's autobiography,
"To Be Loved: The Music, The Magic, The Memories of Motown"

Destination? San Francisco, of course!


Friday, September 12, 2014

The Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse - State of The City Address - Greystone Mansion 2014

The Honorable Lili Bosse, Mayor of Beverly Hills *
It couldn't have been a lovelier day, last Wednesday, September 19, 2014, when practically half of the City of Beverly Hills gathered at the Greystone Mansion for "An Evening With The Mayor" -
for the State of the City Address - and let me tell you,  there were over 400 people there! You know what? We couldn't ask for a better person to properly "Represent" the City of Beverly Hills.

The Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse is a woman who is a power to be reckoned with.

This woman hales from a generation of people that sells no wolf tickets.

What I mean is, the Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse stepped into her position, and made a promise to bring about positive changes re: the City of Beverly Hills - and she is making things happen - Captain!

If you'd like to view the video re: the State of the City Address, please visit the City of Beverly Hills' Television Section.

My suggestion? Everyone within a 25 mile radius, put on some running shoes and join
The Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse as a diversity of people gather, unitedly, to "Walk This Way!"
in The City of Beverly Hills, getting familiar with the community at large.#BHHealthyCity

Keep doing YOU Mayor Lili Bosse!

(Thank you, Marianna! You ROCK!)

(* photograph re: Mayor Lili Bosse's Facebook Page)


Please follow the Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse on Twitter @LiliBossi1

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Beverly Hills Farmers' Market (1994-2014)

The City of Beverly Hills is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Beverly Hills Farmers' Market, and you're invited! 

(Register on line and purchase your tickets @ Tickets - Sharing the Bounty

Join the City of Beverly Hills on Thursday, September 18th, 2014
 @5 P.M To 8 P.M. @ Beverly Canon Gardens, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
@ 241 N. Canon Drive ~ Beverly Hills, CA 90210 

Purchase your tickets on line @ Tickets - Sharing the Bounty via the
City of Beverly Hills or call the City of Beverly Hills at 310.285.2532

We are going to have a fabulous evening, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Beverly Hills Farmers' Market! Hope to see you there!