Friday, September 12, 2014

The Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse - State of The City Address - Greystone Mansion 2014

The Honorable Lili Bosse, Mayor of Beverly Hills *
It couldn't have been a lovelier day, last Wednesday, September 19, 2014, when practically half of the City of Beverly Hills gathered at the Greystone Mansion for "An Evening With The Mayor" -
for the State of the City Address - and let me tell you,  there were over 400 people there! You know what? We couldn't ask for a better person to properly "Represent" the City of Beverly Hills.

The Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse is a woman who is a power to be reckoned with.

This woman hales from a generation of people that sells no wolf tickets.

What I mean is, the Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse stepped into her position, and made a promise to bring about positive changes re: the City of Beverly Hills - and she is making things happen - Captain!

If you'd like to view the video re: the State of the City Address, please visit the City of Beverly Hills' Television Section.

My suggestion? Everyone within a 25 mile radius, put on some running shoes and join
The Honorable Mayor Lili Bosse as a diversity of people gather, unitedly, to "Walk This Way!"
in The City of Beverly Hills, getting familiar with the community at large.#BHHealthyCity

Keep doing YOU Mayor Lili Bosse!

(Thank you, Marianna! You ROCK!)

(* photograph re: Mayor Lili Bosse's Facebook Page)


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