Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Been 10 Years Since You've Been Gone

Dear Dad, It's been 10 years since you've laid down with my Ancestors. You were born on purpose with a purpose, and through which we, your children came through you. If you and Mother had not decided to take a chance and love each other, against all odds, I would not be here. So, I just wanted to let you know that all the rides that I got a chance to take on your shoulders, all the walks through San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, all the sand castles that we built in the sand box, all the pushes on the swings that you gave us, all the walks through the rain in the Golden Gate Park with you and Mother, all the trips to Petrini's Market on Fulton and Masonic,  and Gene's Market on the corner of Hayes St., just around the corner from our apartment at 825 Masonic - are not forgotten.

You served this beautiful country, this United States of America, in the Navy - and you proudly wore your years of service like a badge. Although you were in a terrible car accident a few years after getting out of the Navy, and paralyzed from the neck down, you still managed to somehow make me feel like the most blessed, beautiful baby girl in the world! I can still here you say, " You are my heart piece, and Daddy loves you, loves you!" Oh Daddy. Despite being a quadriplegic, and on an emotional roller coaster - angry, sad, grateful and mad  at times,  you always managed to shift gears emotionally to let us know that you loved us. To tell us that all of us were conceived in love was a beautiful thing. I thank you and Mother for that.
I carry that love with me today and always, Dad. Missing you, your baby girl, Carla
( My Dad was buried with full regalia at Golden Gate National Cemetery.

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